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"Become a legend...Leave a legacy" - Denzel Pettigrew

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About the company

2Legendary Sports Inc. was established by Denzel Pettigrew, the first African American pro indoor soccer owner,  to encompass all of his passions.  His love for sports lead him to a career in soccer, where he continues to excel, and will be obtaining his D License this upcoming June.  He has always enjoyed staying in shape and working out, which lead him  to college, and the career of personal training to help others achieve their fitness goals.  His passion for clothes, especially sports clothing, is what drives the creation of his stylish and versatile clothing line for varying types of athletes.  All three of these things are what makes 2legendary what it is. Its ultimate goal is to provide it's clients with head-turning results!

Denzel, is also the proud owner of Brew City Legends FC, Milwaukee's newest indoor pro soccer team and Wisconsin's 1st pro Futsal team.  His goal of these two teams is to bring soccer back to the Milwaukee community, all while giving back to the community he grew up in.

Denzel has played in the NPSL, where he played for LC Aris.

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